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Class Schedule:

Mon: 5:00 p.m.

Fri:     5:00 p.m.

Sun:    4:00 p.m.

Classes will run 60-75 minutes


Kettlebell Certification Level 1

Kettlebell Certification


Instructor courses are hands-on where all participants are expected to train. Each weekend course is approx. 16hrs and covers: Kettlebell basics and advanced exercises, Joint Mobility and Bodyweight Exercises as well as marketing. This is NOT a pay for a diploma, you must earn your certification. Anyone who does not pass an Agatsu instructor course may within one year attempt the same course free of charge.

Many non-trainers attend Agatsu courses for their own personal development. If you are taking the course to improve your personal knowledge and do not wish to be certified you may participate without testing.

To maintain the high standards that our certifications have become associated with, re-certification is mandatory every 2 years. Fee for re-certifying is $200.

The Agatsu Academy is coming to life in Moncton, NB! Join Agatsu Atlantic’s Foundations of Movement class and take your training to the next level. The Agatsu Academy has been a reliable resource of movement education for over a decade and it continues to inspire and motivate students globally both with their world-class certification courses and with their online training. We’re so excited to now share this with you in person in our little city.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a competitive athlete, or a professional trainer, the Foundations of Movement class is designed with easy to follow step-by-step progressions that will help people of all fitness levels develop skills in joint mobility, kettlebells, flexibility, and gymnastics. This class is open to everyone but aimed at the person who is looking for a balanced, safe, and effective fitness program that challenges you to take your training to the next level by working smarter, not harder.


Let’s talk about your goals. Let’s make a plan. Let’s track your progress. Let me help you get better!

$60 per session (1hr)
$275 for 5 sessions
$500 for 10 sessions


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Are you interested in Online Fitness Training?

Do you want to learn what professional trainers around the world are being taught?

It’s time to start training effectively and efficiently with the Online Agatsu Academy. For over a decade Agatsu Fitness programs have been used by gym owners, law enforcement agencies, and the Canadian Military. Until now the only way to benefit from the same training these groups received was to attend one of our worldwide seminars. But now you can join our worldwide community and take your training further and faster with top of the line instructional videos, workouts, training tips, exclusive interviews and more.

We aren’t selling dreams or life hacks. This online community was built with one simple goal and that is to help our students around the world cut through the junk on the internet and provide them with a reliable resource to take their training to the next level. With our online programs, you can learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you want.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee!! If you are not 100% satisfied with these awesome online training resources, we will refund your money no questions asked.


Agatsu Inc is a world leader in professional fitness instructor education. Our programs are recognized and recommended by fitness organizations around the globe. Known for our high standards all Agatsu trainers are considered leading experts in their field. For more information and a complete list of certifications, locations and dates click here


More than just a Kettlebell seminar, the Agatsu program will introduce you to some of the most powerful training and teaching concepts guaranteed to change how you and your clients look at fitness. Our instructor training seminars have been attended by established personal trainers, raw beginners, law enforcement agents and others looking to improve their training and to coach others. Arguably one of the most comprehensive programs available the Agatsu certification covers everything from Kettlebell Sport to the common fitness technical variations used in gyms around the world.

With thousands of instructors in over eight countries the Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Course is one of the top Kettlebell courses in the world. A Kettlebell pioneer, Agatsu is the company that introduced Kettlebells to Canadians creating the first instructional certification, DVDs, workbooks and seminars.
Known around the world as the choice of top fitness professionals the Agatsu program is used by the Canadian Military, Fire & Rescue, and in gyms around the world such as Steve Nash Fitness (Canada) and Pure Fitness (Hong Kong & Singapore). The Agatsu Kettlebell program is the only Canadian program to be adopted around the world.

Kettlebell enthusiasts who would like to learn how to become personal trainers and develop the skills to train others with Kettlebells are flocking to these seminars.

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